About us.

We partner with Health brands to simplify complex medical information 🩺

Stand out from the crowd.

At the heart of what we do is more than just animation. We aim to make content that demands attention and inspires action. How do we do that? It first starts with asking the right questions, which leads to solving the right problems. We first diagnose what the problem is. Then, we can start to see if we can help. Communicating thoroughly with your team throughout each step of the process to ensure we deliver content that is not only engaging but aims to inform or inspire your audience.

Our Process and workflow.

Over the years, we have found that the best way to produce consistently engaging work is to follow this simple, straightforward process. It’s tried and tested! This allows us to efficiently deliver work on time and on budget.

We believe that communication plays a key role in delivering a smooth and successful project. Therefore, throughout this process, our team will be sure to keep you in the know every step of the way.


Outline & Brief.

The best kinds of briefs often include the following: A quick overview, with the background and objectives of the campaign, a short brand statement, key challenges the campaign aims to resolve, the target audience for the campaign, the main competitors, the primary message describing your brand’s values and marketing positioning and lastly, the communication channels where the campaign will run.


Script & Style.

This is where the outline of the events in animation are created, including dialogue, suggested sound effects, and music. It’s a crucial element in creating a killer animation explainer video, animation or brand video. Along with the script, a visual style is created based on the brand guidelines. This will include character design, ‘eye candy’, illustrations, text, background colours and icons. We are basically creating a high-level framework for the animation.


Design & Storyboarding.

This is the part is where a visual representation of the script is presented. It’s a document that shows the look and feel and narrative flow of the video, scene by scene. The storyboard is like a map, guiding you through to the finish line of the animation.


Animation & Production.

After the approval of the script and storyboard, we move on to putting words into action, and the designs into motion. This phase involves building the necessary images and elements which go with the message. It requires great attention to detail and each step ensures the visuals created in the production stage, reflect the original concept.


Audio Mix & Delivery.

Whether it be upbeat, a soulful melody, or additional sound effects. Once the animation is approved, this stage gives the video its final polish. The complete process of creating and editing the sound mix, background music, and sound effects are done during this production phase. After completion of the synchronised animation, we send it to you for feedback and any final revisions are made.

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