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Effective Animation Explainer Videos from the Kent-based OK Social.

Not only do animation explainer videos hold the viewers attention, but they help viewers remember your products and services. Animation explainer Videos keep your brand in the forefront of peoples minds. From how things work; complicated processes and technical systems to 'how to' construct an item (think; Ikea flat-pack furniture). Whether you’re trying to sell a product or help demonstrate how your company works, an animation explainer video is what you need.

A meticulously scripted and brilliantly designed animation explainer video gets your message across clearly and effectively, regardless of how complicated the subject matter. Using a combination of voice-over, captions, motion graphics and animation, we craft your message to showcase your product or service, to inspire, inform and influence individuals on social media or your website.

Animated Explainer Videos for your website.

With lots of time, effort, and money invested in online marketing to get customers to view your website, the last thing you want to do is show them with generic stock imagery, complex copywriting and long scrolling pages of information. Using bespoke animation explainer videos and motion graphics which are tailored to your brands identity, really helps sell your offering in a truly professional way. And adding music, sound effects and professional voiceover with captions, really takes it to the next level.

Having punchy and engaging animation explainer video content, up-front on your websites main landing page is a highly effective way to introduce viewers to your product or service and make a great impression. A clearly designed and focused landing page with a animated explainer video will help provide a far more sophisticated and effective experience, giving you a much greater chance of inspiring your visitors to browse your site and take action.

Animated Explainer Video Production.

The production process for animated explainer videos can be fairly simple. Firstly, you’ll need to decide on the main messages that you want your viewers to take away (any more than four will be a stretch for your audience to remember). Then you’ll need to write a basic script outline, for the voice-over (we can help you with this part). We’ll then work with you to craft a brilliantly worded and compelling script, based on some key information that you give us. Once the script is finalised, the next step will be to develop a look and style for your animated explainer video. This will usually reference your brand guidelines (fonts, colours, logos, etc) or website design elements. With the script and style now agreed, it’s time to start storyboarding so we can visualise the key scenes prior to animating.

If you’re going for a voice-over, we’ll use the timings from this to give us our ‘backbone’ of the animation. The voice-over helps set the tonality, tempo and timing of the final animation. Each scene is then meticulously animated - music is also used at this stage to help add drama and emotion to the story, to help create a feeling for the film.

Once this is complete the final stage is to add some sound effects, and any captions, to help punctuate the messages at key moments within the animation. And that’s it - Finished Animation ready to upload! Depending on your budget and the time-frame, you may not choose to add all of these elements, each brief is unique and we’ll work with you to create the perfect fit for your business.

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