2D Animation

Creative and impactful 2D animation

2D Animation.

When creating a sequence of videos that demonstrate your product features and benefits, there’s little that offers as much flexibility as animation. As well as ingenuous 2D animation (created using vector lines and shapes), you can also explore using 3D modelling software (rendered in a flat illustration style), which gives you the freedom to explore every aspect of your product while keeping the ‘look and style’ modest and informative,  complimenting the 2D illustration style.

Rotoscoping is often used in 2D animation as a way to create incredibly realistic lifelike action. A technique used by animators to trace over live-action film footage, frame by frame. It’s used extensively in the visual effects industry, so that the figure can be composited over another background. A stylised version of this can be seen below - Can you guess which Hollywood movie it’s from? Making animated product videos the perfect choice for many of our clients, who choose a variety of these industry standard techniques. When done brilliantly, an artful product explainer animation is an elegant and highly effective way to showcase your product, to inspire, inform and influence individuals.

2D Animation explainer video.

There are many reasons why you may need to explain a complicated topic to your customers. It could be that you need to explain how to use a product, detail a complicated process, show them how a product is made, or give an example of your product in its use case.

However, since you’re not there with them in person, it can be extremely difficult to clearly articulate this over writing. That’s where 2D animation explainer videos come in. There are many great benefits to using 2D animation explainer videos. With these stylish animations, you can explain complicated topics in a clear and accessible way.

What’s more, the bold design and colours of these videos make them a highly engaging form of content. A 2D animation explainer video is a great way to attract more viewers, while giving them an insight into the creativity and innovation that your brand has to offer.

OK Social is a top team of 2D animation explainer video creators. Our specialists have extensive experience in the fields of scriptwriting, sound effects, illustration, design, and 2D animation.

We regularly liaise with our customers, so that we can get a complete sense of what their goals are for this new piece of digital content. Then, we tailor-make trendsetting 2D animation explainer videos that fully tick all of their boxes.

2D Animated video maker.

With the help of a 2D animated video maker, wannabe animators can make their own sleek 2D animation videos.

This type of specialist software is available to suit the full range of budgets and skillsets - from beginner right the way through to pro-level 2D animation tools.

2D animated video maker software provides users with:

● Personalization features - so they can create on-brand content

● Specialist editing tools

● Pre-made templates

● Pre-made graphics and 2D animations to use

● Sound bytes

● A wide range of image effects

● Easy multi-platform sharing

● Automated colour correction tools

● Tutorials

In essence, this type of software provides a fool-proof structure to contain the user’s chosen animated video elements.

By using these pre-made content elements, then combining them with your favourite template, you can create impactful animated videos, without succumbing to the most common video creation mistakes.

If you have an eye for design and a knowledge of how to create an effective 2D animation video, this software is a great way to support your content creation process.

However, if you’re a total newbie to 2D animation, or you want to make sure that your new video really makes an impact, we’d recommend working with an animation specialist instead.

By working with an experienced animator, you will be able to create far more impressive and stylish animations, which are completely unique to your brand. Although it may cost a little more than a 2D animated video maker, you’ll really see the difference in the end result.

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