Motion Graphic Design.

We craft beautiful motion graphics.

We are Motion Graphics Designers.

At OK Social, we have a team of specialist motion graphic designers. Our motion designers work with directly with clients to create bespoke motion graphics and animations, featured across all their online marketing platforms. From our studio in Kent, we design stylish, engaging and innovative motion graphic design for some of the UK’s leading agencies and top brands. We specialise in offering a personal, one-to-one service.

This gives our clients the chance to communicate their vision, goals and strategy for their digital assets. Then, our talented motion graphic designer team will cover every element of the creative process - from planning and script writing to animation and sound design. Our extensive experience in this field means that we know precisely how to create sophisticated, on-brand content which successfully increases engagement and drives traffic.

Motion Graphics Agency

OK Social is a motion graphics agency with its finger on the pulse of current digital marketing trends. Our motion graphic designers work with clients to create elegant content that delivers real results, without having to resort to a pushy or blunt sales strategy. We specialise in bold, vibrant and playful motion graphic design, which communicates a strong message in an engaging way.

This animated message could be anything from a new product launch to a quick user tutorial. As you can imagine, these qualities make our motion graphics a powerful addition to your digital marketing. With the help of our agency, you can create bespoke, one-of-a-kind, and completely on-brand motion graphics to uplift your brand’s digital presence.

What are Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics are 2D animations that brings movement to graphic design. These digital assets feature text as a core component but convey it in a stylish and eye-catching way. Motion graphic design is all about using stand-out design features and bold colours to deliver a clear animated message to the consumer. What makes these videos unique is the way our motion graphic designers fuse text with colour, illustrations and animations, as well as music and voiceovers. The use cases of motion graphics in your marketing-mix are incredibly varied. They are commonly featured on websites, as short social media clips, for advertisements, within product videos, explainer videos and tutorials.

Why Motion Graphics?

Motion graphic design benefits a brand’s digital image across the board. Firstly, it makes plain old text infinitely more eye-catching and engaging - so, this means they’re far more likely to be read! In fact, website consumers have an average attention span of just 8 seconds. So, marketers must work harder than ever to keep customers sticking around long enough to make a purchase. With a modern, piece of motion graphic design, a brand can illustrate its energy, youthfulness, and sense of innovation, in a way which showcases its own unique niche in the market.

In a world where 60% of the interactions that consumers have with a brand are digital, your digital presence has never been so critical. With the help of our motion graphic design team, brands can create tailored motion graphics that achieve impressive digital marketing stats, including retaining higher website traffic, with a reduced bounce rate, and a stronger brand presence, brand awareness and brand recognition amongst the target market.

Logo Animation

We produce logo animations and animated video stings for small start-ups ranging to global brands. Having a strong brand identity is key and logo animation is one one of the ways to have consistency within your content. These are used as graphic ‘idents’ to top and tail social content or TV advertising. We can work with your existing logo and brand guidelines to make your branding come alive. Logo animations and Idents are often accompanied by distinctive sound design to help make them even more memorable.

Kinetic Typography

Typography is very important for us at OK Social, we love Fonts and typographic layouts. It’s one of the core skills of any great motion designer. Knowing which fonts work best for which purpose, as well as understanding layout, legibility and dwell time, whether it’s for headings or titles. These are all essential for creating the perfect piece of kinetic typography (typographic animations). For maximum impact, animated type can be aligned with a voice-over, sound effects, or simply to music. The result should be a compelling and informative dynamic motion design.

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