5 Ways Explainer Videos Help Businesses

Over the past few years, explainer videos have become incredibly popular with businesses. So much so that at least 88% of them use at least one in some way.

Written by Jack Last

Not Sure How Explainer Videos Can Help Your Business? Check Out these Five Essential Points

1. They’re More Popular than Actually Reading Something

Brands can communicate with their audiences in many ways, for example, by using text, audio, or visual information. However, what’s clear is that most people prefer watching videos rather than reading or listening. This is indicated by the popularity of the video site YouTube, with over one billion users worldwide. With the ability to inspire people to take specific actions, video can even encourage people to purchase products or services. So much so that over 60% of people bought something on social media after simply watching a branded video or an animated explainer video.

2. They Clearly Communicate Key Messages and Improve Revenue

Video communicates messages which aren’t possible with text or pictures. This is partly because our brains process visual information much faster than just text alone. When audio and movement is added, this is prolonged even more. With video, people can process information in a shorter period. When animations or characters are used, the viewer develops a deeper connection. Finally, videos are a proven way to improve revenue growth, as much as 49%.

3. They Appeal to the Short Human Attention Span

The human attention span is short. In fact, it’s less than 10 seconds! Therefore, businesses must use content that quickly engages users. Succinct videos which feature vital ideas and messages are a great way to communicate with an audience. They’re more effective than using text or audio as well.

4. They Use Animation and Brand Guidelines to Showcase Brands

Animation videos help showcase small products which can’t be filmed as they help bring brands to life. Truly effective explainer videos will make use of brand guidelines fully, including fonts and colour palettes. For any business keen to show their customers their passion for what they do, there are fewer more effective ways to show that than an animated explainer video.

5. They Help Improve Conversion Rates

Conversions are more likely to happen when brands are showcased in the right way. Animated explainer videos are one great way to do this. So much so that 85% of your audience are more likely to buy your product or service after watching one. They allow people to identify with a particular problem, then present a solution to that. You are delivering a product or service that fits their needs.

Explainer Videos are One of the Most Effective Ways to Improve Your Bottom Line

If you’re using content like images and blogs to provide information to your customers - that’s great. These types of content have some substantial advantages. However, if you’re not using them alongside explainer videos, you’re missing out big time.

It’s proven that video is usually the preferred means to learn about a product or service by most people. Audiences love them, as content within them is easy to digest, and they appeal to short human attention spans.

As such, people are more likely to buy products or services after watching a video than any other form of content.

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