How long does it take to learn Motion Graphics?

Although motion graphics may sound like a complex (and pretty daunting) creative process to learn, in reality, the majority of the skills required will be ones that most graphic designers know already.

Written by Jack Last

We’ll be providing our quick guide to motion graphics, including a definition of motion graphics, our tips to getting started, and our recommended tools to make learning the process simpler.

So, let’s get cracking.

What are motion graphics?

Motion graphics are digital, animated content, which feature text as one of the core visual elements. The animation is used to bring life to the text, and make it more engaging (and so, make the viewer more likely to remember the message).

This could be done in loads of different ways. For example, motion graphics could make the text move, rotate, evolve, change colour, act as part of an illustration, and so on.

Motion graphics are a specific type of digital animation.

However, it’s important to know that motion graphics and animations are not the same thing. They sound like similar assets, but the key difference is that animation covers a vast range of different content types, including motion graphics (but not limited to only those!). Motion graphics distinguish themselves from other types of animation through their focus on textual elements, and the absence of a story arc or narrative, per se.

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Why are motion graphics so popular?

Within motion graphics, the creator will make the text more visually impactful and add movement, and often incorporate sound into the content, too. The result? A stylish piece of informative content.

Motion graphics are a type of graphic design but render written content both stylish and animated. So, as you can imagine, they’re particularly popular amongst branders and marketers.

They can be used in a huge range of different ways, including:

● In TV and movies (most commonly in title sequences)

● For adverts

● In social media posts

● For a new product launch

● To clearly and simply explain a topic to the audience

How long does it usually take to learn how to make motion graphics?

This usually depends on what skills you already have (and how well you know them).

For example, if you already know how to piece together videos, the process will be far quicker.

The key skills that you will need to create motion graphics are a knowledge of graphic design; video making skills; copywriting; a design mindset; branding and marketing, but these could vary depending on the purpose of your motion graphic.

If you’re a total newbie, however, don’t be deterred - there’s loads of great resources out there to help you out!

Tools, templates, and software to help

For anyone looking to learn how to make motion graphics, we would recommend the following pieces of software:

Biteable templates


● The full Adobe package



These include a mixture of beginner software, and pro-level motion graphic creation software. As a result, it’s important that you find the right fit for you, your purpose, and your skillset.

If you’re already very well-versed in graphic design, you may find some of these pre-made templates restricting. In that case, YouTube has a wealth of tutorials. So, we would suggest that you spend more time watching these and then practicing on professional software, rather than taking the quicker route and using pre-made templates.

Learning Motion Graphics

How to start practicing motion graphics

If you’re keen to get started with making motion graphics, these are our 5 top tips to help you learn as quickly as possible:

1. Start with templates, and then work your way up.

2. Browse the internet - see what examples you can find and take inspiration from them.

3. To keep the design looking sharp, the website Coolors is a great tool to help you with the colour palette.

4. Practice, practice, practice. And start by making a few for fun, before creating anything to be published.

5. Get a clear sense of your target market. Find out what your customers are interested in and create specific content that engages with them.

So, in a relatively short space of time, you can learn a new ability that will certainly impress your customers (both new and old). No doubt, it’s a sought-after skill for marketers.

Or, if you don’t think you can spare the time to develop this skill, you could always seek the help of a pro. Ok Social are an motion graphic agency, our team of creatives have extensive experience with motion graphic creation. You can work with them, and utilize their specialist skills, to create dynamic, engaging and artistic motion graphics, which really make your brand stand out from the crowd. So, if you have any other motion graphic-related questions or would like to enlist our help for your company, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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