Why create a motion graphic logo?

If your company is to have any chance of standing out amongst the sea of thousands, if not millions, of brands competing to be seen by your target market, your logo needs to really make its mark.

Written by Jack Last

What is the purpose of an animated logo?

Although they’re not strictly essential, animated logos hold huge potential for brands. For anyone not in the know, animated logos are illustrated logos that consist of moving animation. These feature the company logo (either exactly as it is, or with a few different, stylised elements added in) and incorporate movement into it. This movement could follow one linear path (up, down, left, right or diagonal), follow a drawn path, see the logo spiral, shrink, grow, pop, or emulate another real-life movement.

Why is motion graphics important in a logo?

Motion graphics are a specific branch of animation. It’s best understood as a combination of graphic design and animation. For motion graphics, the content also typically has a very clean, sleek and professional aesthetic. Although you can feature whatever theme you like, the typography and trendy graphic design elements mean that motion graphics are characteristically chic. Similarly to animated logos, motion graphics give logos extra flair. And the importance of this is higher than you might initially think. This creative movement makes your brand more memorable and builds a strong brand image, while also attracting wider audiences, and giving them a stronger sense of the creativity, innovation and diligence that your company possesses.

Are animated logos a great idea?

Although you could just stick to your plain, static logo - there are a lot of benefits to be gained by going to this extra effort. By using an animated logo, you can increase brand awareness, boost your engagement metrics, and enhance your brand image. Plus, it’s a quick and easy way to demonstrate your company’s creativity, and give your digital marketing channels a stand-out flair.

Benefits of having a motion graphic logo?

By using motion graphics within your animated logo, you can unlock numerous benefits:

● Improve your professional image - with motion graphics, you can ensure your company appears modern, stylish, professional (and successful!).

● Create that stand out factor - the moving element is a great way to make your brand stand out on social media (without having to go OTT, or sink huge sums into paid advertising).

● Improve your share metrics and increase your brand awareness - users are twice as likely to share video content as they are any other content type.

● Boost engagement - For instance, on Twitter, a tweet with a video will statistically get 10 times higher engagement than those without.

● Make your logo memorable - by driving engagement, increasing traffic and doing something different from your competitors, motion graphic logos will ensure your audience remember your brand.

● Build a fun, creative brand impression - the dynamic, joyful nature of motion graphic logos are a great way to deliver your business personality, and shape the impression audiences have of your brand.

● Re-use the content across multiple platforms - once made, your investment will continue to pay off. You can re-use your motion graphic logo across all your digital marketing channels.

Where to use animated logos?

Once designed, your animated logo could be used in a huge variety of different ways. For instance, you could use it in your:

● Business website - you can incorporate this moving logo within key pages of your website, to make your pages stand out. This will ensure these logos are seen by the maximum number of people, while also ensuring the central hub of your digital presence is full of fun and uniqueness.

● Social media - the logo can either be used as a short video on its own, or added to the start or end of your videos, to make your content appear sleek and professional.

● Promotional videos - these moving logos are a fantastic way to make your adverts more impressive and sleek. For instance, you could enhance your adverts by adding your moving logo to the video’s intro or outro.

● Internal company videos or presentations - the video element is a great way to enhance the visual appeal of your video, and keep the content as engaging as possible.

● Share with your team - you can also share the video amongst your team, so that they can share it on their channels, too. For instance, they could use it on their LinkedIn profile, or to create a cool email signature.

● Trade shows or displays - if you’re out promoting your brand at events, you can use these moving logos to stand out, with a dynamic display. Plus, this way, viewers will get a brilliant first impression of your brand. So, in summary, motion graphics logos and animation logos represent a fantastic investment. They can be used across your digital presence, to unlock a huge variety of different benefits for your brand, and boost engagement without

Why work with an animation agency like OK Social?

There’s a reason why creating a logo is the first step of branding. Your logo represents your company and embodies everything that it stands for. It’s what makes your company stand out from the crowd, establishes your brand image, and attracts and retains your audience. So, obviously, getting your logo right is a big deal. By working with a professional motion graphics agency, you can ensure your new motion graphic logo is of the highest possible standard. Firstly, when done with a professional, the logo will feature smooth transitions, high res illustrations, an on-brand aesthetic and an elegant finish. What’s more, a skilled motion graphics agency will be able to take your brand identity, and enhance it.

At OK Social, our talented team of motion graphic designers will add fun and flair to your logo, bringing its personality to life. Your content will remain firmly on-brand, but achieve a level of engagement, style and modernity that would not have been achievable before. So, to find out more about our logo services, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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