Why should you be using motion graphics in your marketing?

Using motion graphics in your marketing content can markedly improve the way you communicate with consumers.

Written by Jack Last

Marketing, to put it simply, is all about standing out. The digital marketplace is huge, and growing every single day.

In fact, last year, the average number of social posts that a brand posted per week was 4.55, and that’s on Instagram alone. For fashion companies, this was 6.5, media companies reached an average of 8.1 and retail companies were at 6.1 posts a week.

So, why exactly should a customer stop and look at your brand, when they’re presented with a sea of content to explore?

Well, it’s your job to convince them. By keeping your content creative, personable, high quality and consistently entertaining, your brand’s page will be one of the ones that rises to the top. So, this brings us on to the FAQ “Why should you be using motion graphics in your marketing?”.

Below, we’ll be outlining how motion graphics can help you win over against your competition, and ensure your pages deliver the standout factor that’s required to win big on social media.

How effective are motion graphics in marketing?

To answer this question, we can compare the success rate of motion graphics against ordinary, plain text.

So, how much more effective is the use of motion graphics in a marketing campaign, in comparison to standard text?

Well, according to The Sketch Effect, 83% of human learning occurs visually. Alongside this, visual content is processed 60 thousand times faster than text alone. As a result, studies have shown that, three days after being told the information, our capacity for information retention is six times greater when the information was presented both visually and verbally (rather than just verbally alone). Based on the combination of all the above, visual content is 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than any other content type.

In fact, there’s no shortage of studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of motion graphics. In one survey, more than two thirds (68%) of respondents said that they preferred to learn about a new company, product or service by watching a short video (over reading text).

And, 87% of video marketers have said that video content successfully increased their website traffic. When we consider the fact that the modern human’s average attention span is just 8 seconds, it’s hardly surprising that so many brands are turning to motion graphics videos to communicate key messages.

Types of motion graphics

Animated explainer videos - As their name suggests, the purpose of animated explainer videos is to explain. This could be about a product, service, business process, user tutorial, or anything else that would be difficult to explain through text alone. Animated explainer videos make the message succinct and clear (with the help of visual aids), while holding on to your viewers’ attention.

Social media adverts - If you’re paying to feature a video as a social media advert, you need to make sure it lands. Motion graphics are inherently engaging, entertaining and eye-catching. Plus, they can be made completely on-brand, helping you boost your key metrics even further.

2D animation - It’s an extremely varied content style, and there are a huge (constantly expanding) variety of 2D animation video styles out there. Almost all of these - everything from whiteboard animation to augmented reality animation - can be deployed in motion graphics.

Logos - Brands can also give their logos a bit of a digital upgrade, using motion graphics. This is a great way to add a bit of je ne sais quoi to your online channels.

Infographics - If you’ve commissioned a study, survey, market research or feedback request, infographics will ensure this information really makes its mark. Through motion graphics, key figures and statistics can be made eye-catching, engaging and memorable.

5 key reasons why you should use motion graphics in your brand marketing

Still on the fence? To show you precisely why this content is well worth the investment, we’ve broken it down into our five top unique benefits of using motion graphics.

1. Selling your story - Motion graphics make any content a story. Its trademark combination of eye-catching visuals, a precise script, timely audio, fun illustrations and branded elements mean that your company message becomes a story, which people are genuinely interested in hearing.

2. Making the complex simple - By using illustrated visual aids, an audio script and written text in harmony, your message can be delivered with complete clarity. The combination of these elements will ensure the entire message is easy to follow, and that the content is accessible for any viewers with an impairment.  

3. Creating brand awareness - Although it might be quick to create, plain text doesn’t give readers any indication of who you are, or what your brand stands for. Using motion graphics, you can create video content that is firmly on brand. Show them precisely why they should choose you over them. And, with its trendy illustrations and captivating combination of audio and visual elements, motion graphics will ensure you’re remembered.

4. Stand out over competitors - Did you know that 95 million photos and videos are shared every single day on Instagram alone? The audience you want to reach is being bombarded with content, every single day. So, you’ll need to pull out all the stops to stand out from the crowd. And a dynamic, on-brand motion graphics video is the perfect way to do just that.  

5. Enables innovative thinking - By working with a professional motion graphics agency, you’ll have the opportunity to unleash your full creative capacity. You can share your ideas with these pros, and they’ll work with you to bring them to life, in bold designs and innovative formats. Win-win.

Why work with an animation agency like OK Social?

As social media gets increasingly dominated by short, informal live action videos, animated content becomes even better at stealing the spotlight.

When they’re done right, social media posts have the power to completely transform your digital metrics. Even just one successful post can put your brand in front of thousands, if not millions, of potential buyers.

So, if you want your content to really hit the high notes, enlist the help of a professional animation agency.

OK Social is made up of a team of animation specialists. We’ll connect your marketing team to illustration pros, voiceover artists, scriptwriters, designers, concept artists - the full works.

Then, we’ll work with your marketing team every step of the way. We’ll bring your vision to life, in a bold piece of dynamic content, which is on brand, easily accessible and delivers on all your KPIs. In fact, we’ve worked with the BBC, Deliveroo, Ford and countless others to do just that.

So, if you’d like to find out more about our animation services, we’re always up for a chat.

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