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At OK Social, we are a specialist 2D animation agency, with extensive experience working with companies in the insurance sphere, to create bespoke, highly engaging animations. These animations span a huge variety of use cases, including everything from internal training videos to external marketing campaigns, and service tutorials to digital displays.

We offer a wide range of different services, to ensure that your new animation is sleek, engaging and firmly on brand. Not only does this include content specially-tailored for different outlets - including social media, presentations, TV advertising, digital billboards and websites -but we boast a huge breadth of design styles.

So, you can be certain that the video will embody everything that you represent as a company.

Benefits of using animation in insurance

But, your first question might be, ‘why exactly does an insurance company need an animation?’. Well, although you might not immediately think that insurance suits the vibrant energy of animations, in reality, insurance companies stand to gain some huge benefits from choosing animated videos. So why invest in animation - what can it give you that a black and white clipart image can’t?

The top benefits of animated videos for insurance companies are:

● Promoting a new insurance product or service

If you decide to expand your range of products or services, an animated video is a fantastic way to ensure the announcement is heard by as many people as possible. Did you know that 27% of global internet users watch 10+ hours of online videos daily? Video-based content has a HUGE audience. And so, by declaring this major company update through animation, you can be sure that it has the biggest possible impact amongst your target market.

● Simplifying the explanation of your insurance process

Thanks to their combination of visuals and audio, with dynamic, crisp illustrations, animated content is extremely digestible. As a result, animated videos for insurance companies are the perfect medium for communicating to potential clients, and helping them to understand the benefits of your services.

● Animated training videos for internal purposes

Did you know that viewers can retain 95% more information through video than by text? So, even in the case where your audience (in this instance, your teams) are very familiar with your services and how insurance works, animation will ensure your internal training sessions are as valuable and successful as possible.

● Differentiating yourself from your competitors

The world of insurance is known for many things, but ‘creativity’ isn’t very high on the list. This is precisely what makes animated videos for insurance companies so successful. Through this content - which our team will ensure is firmly on-brand - you can really make your mark on the sector,

and create content that stops browsing customers mid-scroll.

● Building your brand identity

Through this differentiation, you can use animation to build your company a strong brand identity, which communicates your brand values to your audience. By featuring animated videos for insurance companies on your digital channels, you can clearly demonstrate your energy, youthfulness, innovative thinking and trustworthiness.

● Promoting a new insurance business

If your business is still in its early dawn, all of the points above make animation the ideal investment for your first marketing campaign. This content type delivers exceptionally high engagement metrics, will boost brand awareness and brand recognition amongst your target market, and (critically) ensure your audience understands exactly what you do and why your company is the one they should opt for.

What can insurance animation services be used for?

So, now that you know what there is to gain from investing in animated videos for insurance companies, let’s deep-dive into their use cases. Below, we’ve outlined some of the most popular ways in which animated videos for insurance companies are being used in the industry today.

● Promoting a new insurance product or service - a new animation is an invaluable addition to your service launch strategy. It could be to announce that you are expanding to offer a new type of insurance, expanding your packages, offering a new payment tier, and so on. Through animation, you can generate the maximum level of interest in the announcement, and ensure viewers know exactly what the new product or service involves.

● Making your insurance service or process simple - an animation could be used to explain to a customer how they can make a claim with you, which of your services they should opt for, what they can expect to happen after they have submitted their claim, or the unique benefits that your company has to offer them.

● Marketing your business to your target audience - animation is extremely versatile, and can be used across your entire digital marketing strategy. This includes social posts, digital displays, website content, and online adverts.

● Delivering engaging training videos to internal employees - our team can work on a one-to-one basis with you, to create a bespoke animation that contains all the key points you want your training to cover. This could include on boarding new staff, making mandatory HR training more thought-provoking, upskilling your team, or supporting interns or young professionals on work experience during their time with you.

● Promoting your new insurance business - by using animation across your digital channels - in marketing campaigns, explainer videos and advertising - you can build your brand identity and quickly make your name known in the marketplace. When it comes to creating animation content for insurance companies, you’ve really got to hit the design nail right on the head. It’s all about balancing trustworthiness with professionalism, and memorability with clarity. That’s precisely why having an animation team on side is invaluable.

The OK Social team consists of professional animators, script writers, voice over artists and story boarders, each with extensive industry experience. As a professional motion graphic company we know exactly how to shape content to best engage your target market, while building your brand reputation.

So, if you’d like to find out more about the value of animated videos for insurance companies, or to get started with the creation of this invaluable new brand asset, speak to OK Social today.

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