Branded Content

Artfully animated and well-crafted brand videos

What is Brand content?

We create beautifully designed and well-crafted animated brand films and corporate content. As well as helping companies to tell their story, we also offer this as a service to advertising and marketing agencies. Often brand films are required for their clients to complement their larger commercial advertising and marketing campaigns. While these can be used for different purposes such as demonstrating a product, explaining a new company initiative, or launching a new brand onto the market, it can also be helpful in bringing the values of the brand to life, not just its products or its services.

Branded Social Content in Kent, Working remotely across London and the UK

A great way to target your customers with your branded content film is on social media. We understand the all complexities and myriad formats required to do justice to this broad media landscape. We can also work with you to develop cut-down pieces of branded content (from the main long-form film).

These can be individually tailored to each platform and each unique audience, to ensure maximum reach and impact for your animated brand video. Whether it’s a 10 second clip on Facebook, a 6” YouTube pre-roll, an Instagram Story Carousel or a 20 second teaser on Twitter, we truly understand Social, it’s in our name and our DNA. We can help expertly tailor your video for maximum impact, likes, shares and re-posts across all social platforms

Branded Content Production

We also help corporate companies and start-ups to tell compelling stories through animation, we also work with agencies and brands to develop high-end global brand films. These often combine 2D and CG animation, film footage and motion graphics with voice-over and music. The end result is a TV commercial standard of video production for some of the world’s largest brands. You can see some examples of our high-end brand video work in our showreel and portfolio on our work page

Helping to demonstrate the more intangible qualities of the brand and characteristics. Using motion graphics, CG animation or a combination of the two, we are able to bring your vision to life in a compelling brand video that will reflect your values and spread your brand message. Normally we think of advertising as a price to pay to consume the content that really interests us, but branded content seeks to turn this reality around and create content that users really want to consume. Generally, this added value comes in the form of entertainment.

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