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Engaging Visual Storytelling for Nonprofit Organisations

How can our charity video production services support your organisation's mission?

All of the extraordinary work that charities do depends completely on the support of other people. 

And so it goes, in order to keep doing what they are doing, charities need to successfully garner (and keep) people’s support, by conveying the importance of the work that they are doing. 

This needs to be done in a way which achieves the highest impact possible. Not only describing what achievements are being made, but also successfully demonstrating the importance of this work, and the good that it is doing for the wider world.

Often, however, this is easier said than done. 

Viewers might be completely new to the nature of the work that your charity is conducting. Or, they might not be aware of the issue (or the extent of the issue) that you are working to combat.

This is why, in many cases, text alone is not enough to achieve the required level of impact. 

Video content is the most effective way to evoke a powerful, emotional response from the viewer, which moves them enough to make a donation. In fact, recent research has shown that brands that use their videos to strike an emotional chord with their audience can achieve as high a success rate as 31% in their marketing efforts. 

What’s more, the combination of audio, visuals and closed captions will maximise understanding, and help ensure your viewers comprehend all the nuances of your message. 

By enlisting professional charity video production services - like those offered by OK Social - you can create highly engaging and emotive videos, which are easily understandable, and convey your message in a clear and authentic way.

With the skills of an expert video team at your disposal, you can create videos that are impactful, succinct and engaging, boasting a professional finish and a clear message. You can also use their expertise to create specialist types of video content - such as explainer videos, or videos that feature motion graphic design - which are geared to generate the best possible results for your specific KPIs. 

At OK Social, we also specialize in video animation. Animated videos are a fantastic way to demonstrate the personality of your charity, and establish a strong brand identity, while also standing out amongst a crowded marketplace, with bold designs and engaging characters.

What makes a compelling charity video that captures the essence of your cause?

In a world where, every single day, around 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram alone, how can you convince viewers to stick around long enough to see yours? 

In order for your video to be a success, you need to deliver a compelling piece of content, which conveys your message in a clear and succinct way. 

So, how exactly can you make a charity video compelling? 

  • Authenticity - ensure your video remains authentic to your charity’s personality, and unique brand identity. Keep this video consistent with the other branded materials that you produce, while remaining personable throughout. 
  • Transparency - building on the point above, in order for the viewer to be convinced to support your work, your video needs to feel trustworthy and genuine.
  • Visual appeal - in order to stand out in a crowded landscape, you need to keep your videos bold, aesthetically pleasing and visually engaging. You can achieve this through carefully considered design, and by enlisting the talents of a professional video agency. Animation is also a very aesthetic way to create visually compelling content, as (when done right) this medium is inherently characterful, striking and entertaining.
  • Emotional resonance - a compelling charity video requires you to strike a chord with the viewer, eliciting emotions and motivating them to support your work. You can achieve this through storytelling, for example, and thereby connecting to the viewer on an emotional level. 
  • High quality audio and visuals - any video campaign - regardless of the industry or sector - needs to achieve a high quality, professional finish, in order to engage its audience. 
  • Clear messaging and CTA - make sure you precisely pinpoint your video’s core message, and clearly direct your video towards the intended CTA. Alongside this, your charity’s purpose, impact and the issue you are addressing should all be communicated clearly. 

Through strong visuals, a concise script and the power of a bold medium like animation, your video can deliver a clear message, and successfully achieve your intended CTA.

What elements should you consider when planning a charity video production?

At OK Social, we can support clients throughout all stages of charity video production. Our team has expertise in every stage of the production process, spanning storyboarding right the way through to promotion. 

When it comes to charity video production, the key elements that should be considered are:

  • Defining the objectives - the specific goals for your video, and what you want it to achieve. 
  • Defining the target audience - including factors like target age, demographic and geography. 
  • Storytelling - including a relevant setting, personable characters, a clear script and an authentic feel, which achieves emotional resonance.
  • Script and storyboard - a concise, carefully constructed script, and a precise storyboard.
  • CTA - the key deliverables for your video, and what you want it to achieve. This could be promoting a new initiative, increasing donations, or reaching a new audience, for example. 

How can the finished charity videos be leveraged for maximum reach and impact in promoting the nonprofit's mission?

Did you know that videos are consumers’ favourite type of content? 

According to research by Animoto, videos are the content type that audiences most want to see their brand share on social media. 

By investing in charity video production, you can use this fresh new content to not only promote your brand, but also a specific action that you would like your consumers to take. 

In most cases, this will include fundraising drives. But, it could also include increasing awareness of the brand, highlighting recent success stories, responding to urgent needs, or promoting a new initiative or campaign that you’re launching. 

By using the steps and strategies outlined above, your new content can achieve the maximum possible impact. Then, to amplify the content’s benefits even further, these new video materials can be circulated across all of your digital channels, to help promote and drive home your charity's objectives.

Why choose OK Social for your charity video production needs?

Recent Statista research found that 43% believe that a lack of in-house skill was a big challenge, preventing them from using video content to its full potential.

OK Social is a professional video animation agency, specialising in creating bold, engaging and stand-out video content. 

With our expertise, brands can expand their outreach, achieve their targeted KPIs, and attract the support of new audiences, while further strengthening the engagement of their current supporters. 

Our team have worked with some of the largest brands in the UK. These include the likes of Coca-Cola, Ford, Deliveroo and the BBC. We work with each of our clients on a close one-to-one basis, to deliver firmly on brand content, which boldly stands out amongst their competitors. 

So, to find out more about our charity video production services, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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