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Animation explainer videos to set your e-commerce brand apart

What are e-commerce animation explainer videos?

Did you know that e-commerce sales are predicted to hit $7.4 trillion by 2025? In fact, the world’s e-commerce sales are growing at a phenomenal pace. In 2021, retail e-commerce sales were at around $4.9 trillion across the world. But, over just four years, this number is set to grow by a whopping 50%, to reach the $7.4 trillion mark by 2025.

As you can see, in recent years, e-commerce has been absolutely booming. But, as e-commerce solutions are being deployed by more and more businesses across the world, that’s not to say that some less-tech-savvy customers aren’t being left behind.

In fact, for many businesses, understanding the value of e-commerce technologies is a total minefield. Not only can the benefits seem abstract and far reaching, but the fundamentals of what the technologies offer and how they can be implemented couldn’t be further from their comfort zone. That’s why it’s such a no-brainier for e-commerce brands to invest in e-commerce animation explainer videos. E-commerce animation explainer videos are a superb solution for e-commerce brands that are marketing and communicating themselves and their product.

Not only do these videos ensure that the product’s USP and how it works are communicated with clarity, but they also give brands the edge needed to stand out in a crowded market. To help you see the unique benefits that e-commerce animation explainer videos unlock, keep reading.

Why do e-commerce brands need animated explainer videos?

As with many businesses in the tech sphere, marketing for e-commerce businesses brings with it a whole host of unique obstacles. There’s the dual challenge of successfully communicating how your service works and what value it brings, while also distinguishing it from the endless other solutions out there in the market. What’s more, all of this needs to be achieved in a way that is stylish, engaging and memorable.

Sounds like a headache? Well, this is precisely what makes the animation medium invaluable here. The specific strengths of animation explainer videos are perfectly suited to help e-commerce brands navigate these challenges, providing the ultimate answer to this common marketing quandary.

The far-reaching benefits of using animated explainer videos for e-commerce brands include:

● Establish a presence in the market - according to the latest predictions, there are between 12 - 24 million e-commerce websites in the world right now. And, this figure is increasing every single day. The e-commerce explosion has created highly saturated markets. So, standing out is a critical factor for e-commerce brands. Through their bold colours, dynamic designs and high engagement metrics, animated explainer videos ensure that this is possible.

Support your communications strategy - one of the key benefits of using video content is its clarity of communication. Studies have shown that viewers can retain 95% more information by watching a video (compared to reading text alone). So, by prioritising video-based content, you can communicate to your target market in a far more effective way.

Demonstrate your USPs - animated content can also help you to carve out your niche in the market. Using these videos, you can clearly highlight the unique benefits of your product or service, in a clear and memorable way.

Explain key concepts to your target audience - one of the biggest benefits of working with an animation studio is the extensive skill sets of their team, which span everything from design to scriptwriting. So, once you have pinpointed the precise messaging that you want your video to convey, you can work with professional scriptwriters to ensure that these concepts are communicated clearly, succinctly and accessibly, while being specifically geared towards your target market.

● Support your advertising strategy - video-based content generates 1200% more shares than both images and text. Obviously, this is an invaluable aid to an advertising strategy, as it ensures your message reaches as many people as possible.

● Boost your brand recognition - working with an animation agency, your bespoke e-commerce animation explainer videos will be firmly on brand. This spans everything from the tone of voice that is used, to the colour palette and the type of the animation that is used.

● Enhance your brand image - animation is renowned for its creativity and fun, dynamic feel. As a result, by incorporating animation explainer videos in your content strategy, you can communicate these traits within your brand itself. What better way to tell your audience how modern and forward-thinking you are?

● Support your sales - with all these big marketing gains available, by using this specialist type of explainer videos, you can be sure that your online traffic sees a significant boost. Then, in turn, this should generate an increase in sales figures, too.

● Drive high conversions - once you have created your e-commerce animation explainer videos, you can feature them across multiple digital channels. These include social media, advertisement campaigns, and your company website. In the latter instance, you can use these dynamic videos to create engaging landing pages, which showcase your brand or product in the best possible light.

Great examples of e-commerce brands using animated explainer videos?

To inspire the creation of your e-commerce animation explainer videos, we’ve shared two of our favourite industry animation examples.

American Express - Business Class: The Series

American Express is known for its stylish and extremely effective use of animation. Its videos are firmly on brand - featuring its trademark shade of blue throughout - and achieve an exceptionally clear level of communication, even when covering the most complex e-commerce topics. For instance, in this episode, the animation covers the topic of ‘Mastering Your Cash Conversion Cycle’.

In this pioneering example of e-commerce animation explainer videos, AMEX has created a mini series of business class videos. These are designed to help businesses understand all the benefits of choosing AMEX, and to unlock these perks in full. Not only does this significantly improve customer satisfaction and customer experience, but it also bolsters AMEX’s brand image, as a conscientious, thoughtful and supportive brand. Win-win.


Shopify is one of the world’s most popular e-commerce platforms, being used by millions of people and companies across the world. In this animation explainer video - covering the topic of how to increase workflow automation - Shopify explains this common business FAQ clearly and insightfully. Its sleek style achieves a harmonious balance between the audio and the visual, with each one elegantly supporting the other.

Why work with OK Social?

OK Social is a animated explainer video company, specializing in bold, dynamic and engaging explainer videos. Our team consists of highly skilled specialists, spanning all elements of video animation. These include everything from scriptwriters to concept artists, and voice-over artists to illustration and animation pros. With all these skills at your disposal, you can be certain that your new e-commerce animation explainer videos will be a huge hit.

We are renowned for the creativity of our approach, and the way that we work with our clients on a close one-to-one basis, to ensure that the end result perfectly represents the brand and its USPs. It’s why we’ve been chosen by some of the biggest brands out there, including the likes of the BBC, Ford and Coca-Cola, no less. So, to start creating e-commerce animation explainer videos that hit all the high notes, speak to a member of our team today, or check out our full range of services.

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