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Did you know, the average human attention span is now eight seconds? And this applies across every area of our lives, from marketing to meetings. Even in education. So, you only have eight seconds to get the attention of your students. Otherwise, as these stats show, they’ll probably go back today dreaming. The teacher’s permanent challenge is getting the attention of students - and keeping it - for long enough that they are engaged in the topic, and that it remains fixed in their memory. Our recommendation? Education animation.

At OK Social, our specialisms span a huge variety of animation types, including a broad range of education animation. In fact, specialist animations designed to enhance learning is a core part of our services. From lesson aids to staff training education explainer videos, and safety guides to product adverts designed for the educational market, we work with schools, teachers and education bodies across the country to deliver engaging, entertaining, succinct and informative education animations.

Benefits of using animation in education

Thanks to their high levels of engagement and their bold, attention-grabbing style, animation videos are a great fit for the education sector. All too often, the videos that are used to enhance lessons, training and market education products are all drab and predictable. The classic stock, unimaginative videos are hardly lightly to interest your viewers. While this is the case for brands, businesses and audiences spanning all sectors, this is even more apparent for Gen Z.

Thanks to the TikTok boom of recent years, your students will be used to a never ending stream of videos, each one specifically geared to get their attention. So, although this means a world of limitless video options, social media has actually fuelled a drop in our attention spans. As a result, you have to work harder than ever to retain your audience’s attention. A cheap, homemade video will no longer cut the mustard. Animation can unlock some big wins for institutions and brands in the academic sector. The main benefits of education animation videos include:

Highly engaging.

For instance, according to a workplace report, employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than to read a document about the same topic

Can be suitable for all ages and audiences.

Including kids at school and those in higher education, with bespoke content that is specifically designed to interest your target audience

Proven to be more effective.

Studies have revealed that 83% of our learning takes place visually, meaning most individuals respond better to learning through animation

It makes learning more accessible.

For students that struggle to learn through reading or listening alone, animated videos will make these topics much easier to grasp

A great long-term investment.

Once you’ve created the animation, it can be re-used again and again, by different teachers, for many years to come

What can educational animation services be used for?

Beyond simply livening up a maths lesson, educational animation services can be used for a wide variety of requirements, in a huge range of different use cases. By working with a specialist animation agency, like OK Social, you can commission a bespoke animation video, which is precisely designed to best-fit your specific use case. For example, the main (but far from the only) types of education animation videos are:

● Lesson aids

● Group games / activities

● School safety guides

● School promotional videos (to be shown on open days, or on the school’s website)

● Teacher training videos

● Education explainer videos

● Product videos

These videos can then be used by schools (educating students of all ages), colleges, universities and other educational institutions, as well as businesses with training programmes, or brands trying to sell their products to the educational sector.

At OK Social, we specialise in working on a close, one to one basis with our clients, to deliver completely bespoke content, which hits all of their KPIs. Our team has extensive experience, creating stand out animations, which are full of fun, bang on trend, and deliver messages with precision and clarity.

As a testament to these skills, our happy customers include some of the biggest brands there are, including Deliveroo, the BBC and Ford. And just think - you could have this calibre of animations sparking life into your school’s lesson plans. If you have any questions about our educational animation services, or would like to enlist our services to create a knockout video for your next lesson, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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