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Animation explainer videos that set your IT business above the competition

What are IT and software animation explainer videos?

Animated explainer videos might sound complicated, but they are actually a remarkably far-reaching service. These animations work to ‘explain’ business concepts in a clear, simple way, to the target audience. This could mean a huge variety of different things - everything from explaining the nature of your product or service to customers, to supporting internal training programmes.

So, as their name suggests, IT and software animation explainer videos are explainer videos that are specifically designed for businesses in the IT and software sector. But, in practice, what does this actually mean? Well, in the case of IT and software animation explainer video, this medium can be used to enhance a wide range of different use cases.

For example, IT and software animation explainer videos can be used to enhance your:

● Marketing campaigns

● Advertising campaigns

● Sales pitches

● Company website

● Internal training

● Internal education

● Onboarding of new staff

● Support for junior staff members or work experience students

● Internal safety demonstrations

● Product or service guides

● FAQ website pages

● Product demonstrations

What’s more, these videos can be used to target the following audiences:

● Individual customers - including both existing and potential customers

● Clients and larger customers - bigger businesses, with procurement departments considering investing in your product or service

● Your target market - even if they are previously unaware of your brand

● Potential new talent - who may be looking to join your company

● Your existing teams - across all departments

As you can see, IT and software animation explainer videos can cover whatever you require of them. At their core, they are designed to make complicated topics easier for audiences to digest, understand and remember (which makes them ideally suited to a naturally complex industry like IT and software). This type of animated video is designed to be extremely flexible, in order to cater to whatever the business requires. As such, they are highly customised - both in terms of the content included and the style displayed - to deliver the best possible explanation.

What are the benefits of using IT and software animation explainer videos?

Although they may require a higher initial investment than plain text or a static image, this stylish video-based content offers a huge range of unique advantages.

The benefits of IT and software companies using explainer videos include:

Explaining IT and software products and services to new audiences - when you’re deeply immersed in the industry, it can be easy to lose sight of how complicated it can be for outsiders. New audiences can easily be deterred from your company if they don’t immediately understand what you have to offer, and how it can benefit them. By using explainer videos, you can explain your service in a clear, succinct and engaging way, to viewers of any level of prior understanding.

Amplifying the brand, via marketing - animated explainer videos are a fantastic way to boost your marketing efforts, and get your campaigns seen by (and gain interest from) a much larger audience.

Enhancing training and education - not only does the introduction of video animation promise to make training and education more entertaining, but it can actually improve its results, too. In fact, studies demonstrate that viewers can retain 95% more information by watching a video (than they can by reading text). So, animations are a fantastic way to maximise the return of your training investments.

Engaging (and retaining) attention - thanks to their bold style, charm and dynamic movement, animations are hugely engaging. No matter how busy the social media feed or hectic the office day might be, these videos are sure to engage and retain viewers’ attention. And, this goes for customers, your staff, and indeed anyone else whose attention you’re working to garner.

● Demonstrating functionality of a product or service - animation videos aren’t about the hard sell. They differ from conventional adverts in that they illustrate the uniqueness of your brand, and the USPs of your product or service. They can do this by demonstrating its functionality in situ, in a way that is both clear and entertaining. This makes it immediately apparent to the viewer how you can bring direct value to their lives.

● Stand out amongst a crowded marketplace
- the technological marketplace is growing every single day. Across the globe, more and more companies are offering sophisticated, innovative IT and software services. So, by adding bold and creative animation to your marketing materials, you can make sure that your brand remains a stand-out.

How can IT and software animation explainer videos be used for training and education?

One of the most impactful ways to use animation explainer videos is in training and education. According to recent research published by Equinix, a staggering 62% of global IT decision- makers say that a shortage of personnel with IT skills is one of the biggest threats to their business. The talent gap is a huge topic in the IT and software sector.

So, in order to help combat this concern, technology and IT companies are prioritising training like never before. So, this means advancing your existing training programmes, with modern, up-to-date and engaging resources. Que IT and software animation explainer videos. IT and software animation explainer videos can be used to enhance training and education in a huge variety of ways, including:

● Onboarding - animation explainer videos can be used to introduce new employees to your company. Not only does this help to make their first few days as valuable as possible, but it is a great way to foster their first impression of your business.

● Product training - you can also use animation explainer videos to provide training on specific IT and software products. For instance, this could be used if you are expanding your product range, or a member of staff is taking on new role responsibilities, which require them to work with a new product.

● Process training - animation explainer videos can be used to explain complex processes clearly and succinctly. Plus, these videos enable viewers to go at their own pace, and re-watch the content as many times as they require.

● Compliance training - with animation explainer videos, you can provide compliance training on IT and software-related topics, such as data privacy, cyber security or software licensing. In today’s expanding and increasingly complicated digital threat landscape, getting this training right is invaluable.

● Continuing education - by creating a full stack of animation explainer videos, you can provide ongoing education and training on IT and software-related topics. This means you can support your employees as they grow within your company, continuously developing their knowledge and skill sets.

How can IT and software animation explainer videos be used for marketing and sales?

The statistics underpinning the value of video-based content in marketing are extraordinary. Not only are videos more popular than text and image-based content combined, but they generate 1200% more shares than either other content types.

As a result, IT and software animation explainer videos are a fantastic way to boost the successes of your marketing and sales campaigns. And what’s more, their use cases don’t stop at simple adverts. Animation explainer videos can be used across a wide range of marketing and sales purposes, including:

● Product demonstrations - an explainer video is ideally suited to demonstrating how a software product works, its features and benefits. What’s more, this content is designed to be understood by all viewers, regardless of their prior level of understanding of this field.

● Problem-solving - an explainer video is a great way to show how a software product solves a particular problem that the customer is facing. This is a fantastic, subtle way to demonstrate the value that potential customers can gain from investing in your product.

● Building trust - an explainer video can be used to build trust with potential customers by providing them with a more personable and ‘real’ insight into your brand. What’s more, this clear product overview comes across as very transparent - breaking down any sense of elitism or jargon that may deter a customer.

● Enhancing website engagement - by adding an explainer video to your company's website, you can significantly enhance engagement of your page. Plus, not only will this video improve your website’s usefulness (from the perspective of customers) but it will also help to improve your SEO ranking, by keeping visitors on the site for longer.

● Social media marketing - an animated video is far, far more likely to be shared across social media than a monochrome chunk of text. By including this content in your social media strategy, you can reach a much wider audience, and then strategically direct this traffic through your KPIs.

Why work with OK Social?

Firstly, if our client list doesn’t trust you, then we don’t know what will. At OK Social, we are trusted by some of the UK’s largest brands to deliver bold, engaging and on-brand animated explainer videos. We have worked with the likes of Ford, Deliveroo and Harper Collins to devise completely bespoke branded animations.

We are a animated explainer video company, offering a completely comprehensive service. We can work with you on a one-to-one basis, devising a unique piece of content that meets all your key deliverables (and more). So, to find out more about the value of IT and software animation explainer videos, or to get our team to kickstart your content strategy, chat to us today.

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