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Enhancing Patient Knowledge Through Animation.

What are patient education animation videos?

Patient education animation videos are, as their name suggests, animation videos that are primarily designed to educate patients. 

But, what does this actually mean in practice? 

These videos are made to educate patients on key topics, which would normally prove challenging for them to understand. So, by using the medium of animation, patient education animation videos make these topics far clearer, more memorable, and easier to follow. 

For these reasons, patient education animation videos feature across a wide range of industries and use cases. These include disease awareness, medical device tutorials, and illustrations of how treatment works (for example). 

Patient education animations are an extremely valuable and important investment for healthcare businesses. These videos ensure that patients are well-informed, relaxed, confident in the services that they are receiving, and that potential risks (such as the spread of a virus through the community, for example) are being mitigated as much as possible. 

While keeping customers at ease, these videos also help practices maximise the quality and effectiveness of their services. 

By providing this informative and accessible content, medical businesses can demonstrate their commitment to high service standards, increase patient satisfaction, and ensure all their responsibilities for patient safety are being met. At the same time, these videos are a fantastic way for practices to support the efforts of their staff, and allow their specialists to dedicate their focus to more specialist areas (rather than guiding their patients on how to use online patient platforms, for example). 

At OK Social, we are a specialist patient education animation studio. We have worked with medical brands and practices across the country, to create bespoke educational animations that deliver all their specific KPIs. If you’d like to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact our team. 

Why choose animation for patient education?

We often find that healthcare brands haven’t previously considered using animation for their services. 

Although it’s widely used for B2C communications, people tend to instinctively think that animation is usually reserved for food and drink marketing, or for comic advertising. 

However, in reality, patient education is actually one of the areas where animation offers the greatest benefits. 

For healthcare brands, animation can unlock critical advantages for their communication strategies, enabling organisations to educate their audiences with more clarity, precision and accuracy than ever before. 

The benefits of using animation for patient education include:

  • Simplifying complex concepts - by combining tailored audio and visual elements with a carefully crafted script, animation makes this normally confusing content crystal clear. Want to teach your patients how a medicine actually works within the body? No problem - animation allows you to illustrate the drug at work, and visually display the drug in action inside the body, while a voiceover explains what’s on the screen in comprehensive detail. 
  • Increasing patient confidence - with more information, comes greater confidence. By giving your patients greater access to educational resources (which they can also comfortably re-watch in their own time), you can ensure they know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how it all works. 
  • Building trust - another benefit of giving your patients more information is that it increases their confidence in you and your services. By being more transparent and supportive, you can help even your more reluctant patients to trust your services. 
  • Enhancing engagement - no matter how precisely you write that email, it’s never going to be as engaging as an animated video. In fact, did you know that video-based content has 1200% more engagement than image and text-based content combined? So, this makes animated videos a great way to get patients engaged and invested in the services you’re offering. 
  • Transcending across language barriers - thanks to the combination of visual, audio and text-based elements, animation is also a fantastic educational aid for patients who have English as a second language.
  • Improving retention - recent research revealed that, when watching a video, viewers retain around 95% of the video’s message. To put this into perspective, audiences usually retain just 10% of the message when reading text alone. 
  • Reducing patient anxiety - by improving understanding, confidence and trust among your patients, you can significantly ease any anxiety that they have about coming in for treatment. Or, if they are suffering from a medical condition or illness, then these videos can help reduce their fears about treatment or symptoms. 

Thanks to these impressive benefits, animated videos can be used by a wide range of healthcare businesses. 

Businesses that stand to benefit from using animation videos for patient education include:

  • Medical practices
  • GPs
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Dental practices 
  • And many more…

Our approach to creating patient education animation explainer videos

At OK Social, patient education animation is one of our most popular services. 

We specialise in our tailored approach, and work closely with a wide range of medical businesses. Collaborating on a close one-to-one basis, we create bespoke educational animations that fulfil their specific use cases. 

Our approach to creating patient education animation explainer videos involves: 

  • Identifying and understanding your requirements - to start the process, we arrange a meeting with the client. This kick-off discussion allows us to ensure that we fully understand the brand’s KPIs, and their reasons for creating an education animation. So, in addition to learning more about their brand and their identity, we will learn the brand’s intended use case, target audience and publish plans for the video. 
  • Researching and scriptwriting - from there, we will conduct in depth research into the topic. This will allow us to write a precise and informative script. Throughout this stage, we will work closely with the client, as this ensures the topic is being communicated clearly and completely accurately. 
  • Creating storyboards and designing the animation - after the script has been finalised, the next step is creating the video’s storyboards. At this stage, the initial designs come to life, and we start to craft the animation’s visual elements (while engaging in regular feedback sessions with the client). 
  • Commencing animation production - during the production phase, we guide the client through the wide range of animation types that are available for healthcare brands. One of animation’s key advantages is this diversity of styles. So, we work closely with each client, to help them identify the best-fit for their brand. 
  • Adding sound - the creation process is rounded off by adding a voice-over and sound effects. This unites all the individual elements, and gives the animation its sleek, premium feel. 
  • Completing feedback and revisions - throughout all steps outlined above, we host regular feedback and revisions with the client. Then, the last step in the process is a final feedback and revision session. This ensures that the client is completely happy with the animation, and that the finished product ticks all their boxes. Finally, after these amends have been taken in, we send the animation to the client in their chosen format - ready for publishing. 

After many years of experience, we know that this process is the most effective way to create precise, impactful, harmonious and perfectly on-brand animations. 

Beyond the degree of accuracy that’s required for these videos, this process also ensures that the animations are brimming with creativity. 

Conducted by our expert team, the steps above ensure that the resultant animation is bold, eye-catching and memorable, while the regular review sessions with the client secure content that is firmly on brand. 

What can patient education animation videos be used for?

Patient education animation videos are extremely flexible, offering a wide range of invaluable use cases. 

To give you an insight into their versatility, some of the most popular uses of these animations include: 

  • Explaining medical procedures - outlining what is involved in different medical processes, what they are designed to treat, and what the preparation and healing processes will be.
  • Demonstrating medication usage - illustrating how medication works within the body, and why it is important to take. This can also come alongside a guide to taking the medication. 
  • Simplifying complex medical concepts - for more complicated concepts, the animation can combine visual, audio and textual elements, to maximise understanding. For example, patient education animation explainer videos are a great fit for simplifying complicated surgical processes (such as a hip replacement). 
  • Promoting healthy behaviours - on the flipside, these videos are just as effective for use in simple lifestyle guides. For example, they can inform patients about exercise recommendations, nutritional guidelines, or offer tips for encouraging children to eat well. 
  • Disease prevention - throughout the year, but particularly during cold and flu season, these video guides are an extremely effective way to limit the spread of disease. They effectively serve as a preventative measure, reducing the number of patients that contract a disease by spreading awareness and education. 
  • Accessibility of information - by providing patient education animation explainer videos, you can ensure that this key information is accessible for patients who have English as a second language, are visually impaired, or have difficulty hearing. 
  • And more…

Why work with a motion graphic studio specialist like OK Social?

At OK Social, we are a professional animation agency, offering a diverse range of bespoke animation services. This includes specialising as a patient education animation studio. 

Thanks to our talented team of specialist animators, we have become renowned for creating bold, sleek, engaging and impactful animations. 

At the same time, we work on a close one-to-one basis with all of our clients. By doing so, we ensure that each animation is not only precisely tailored to fulfil all their KPIs, but firmly reflects their branding. 

It’s for these reasons that we’re the trusted patient education animation company of the NHS and Lloyds Pharmacy, just to name a few. 

So, to find out more about what makes OK Social unique, or to enlist our team to support your upcoming marketing campaign, don’t hesitate to get in touch

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