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At OK Social, our team creates animated videos that make their mark. And if you don’t want to take our word for it, allow us to refer you to our long list of happy clients, which includes the BBC, Deliveroo, Ford and Harper Collins. Our professional animated video production services are immensely flexible. We can tailor your new animation to best fit an engaging social media campaign, explainer video, product videos, motion graphic design, or all of the above! Ok Social’s immensely talented animation team is renowned for their creativity, versatility and industry expertise. They will work with you on a close, one-to-one basis, to deliver your vision, create content that’s firmly on-brand, and that delivers all of your campaign’s KPIs. After all, animated video production isn’t just about creating something stylish - it’s a fantastic way to boost key marketing metrics for your brand, while building a brand reputation for being modern, trendy and innovative.

For example, in social media marketing, the statistics couldn’t paint a clearer picture. Over half (54%) of marketers name videos as the most valuable content type, when it comes to achieving their social media marketing goals. What’s more, 93% of companies have gained at least one new customer through videos on social media, and 85% of social media audiences want brands to share more videos. Our animated video production services span a vast range of different animation types. From whiteboard animation to 3D animation, and retro animation to typography animation, our options are only limited to your imagination.

The 5 top benefits of animated video production

1. Cost effective - despite the fact that they look very complicated, animated videos are super affordable. When you compare them to live-action videos, animations don’t require an acting team, a filming team, a space to shoot the advert, and the cost of accommodation for everyone involved. Then, you can multiply these costs for each of the retakes that you need. Whereas, for animations, you just need to pay your animation agency, and they’ll have already got all the equipment and talent required.

2. Endless creative possibilities - animated video production gives the brand and the animator limitless creative freedom. You can set the videos in any location, with any objects or featuring any characters. It means you can bring your best, most quirky ideas to life, without any of the budget restrictions that live-action videos would normally bring.

3. Boost your engagement metrics - video content is a quick way to achieve big wins in your marketing content. In fact, including a marketing video in a campaign can increase your traffic and potential leads by around 300%. This impressive success rate is all down to the artistry, creativity and dynamic nature that animated video production does best

4. Can be created to a speedy timeline - again, because they don’t require extensive set ups or long hiring rounds, animation video production can follow a quick timeline. By working with a professional animation agency, you’ll already have all of the required equipment, creators and voice actors. And you’ll have this entire team working closely with you, to ensure your deadline gets met.

5. They communicate topics in a clear and engaging way - through animation, you can explain all manner of topics, processes, information or diagrams with clarity. Plus, through the combination of colour, illustration and voiceover, the message is easy to deliver and fun for audiences to watch.

Animated video production

When you enlist the services of OK Social, our process of animated video production is as follows. First, you will need to decide what is the main focus and what are the main targets for your video. What messages do you communicate? What do you want the video to achieve? How would you like to measure the success of your campaign? Then, once we have determined the key takeaway messages for your viewers, we will work with you to create a voice-over script. This will be compelling yet succinct, and will deliver your message in a clear, engaging and on-brand way. From there, we can develop the look and style that you want for your animated video.

This will, of course, be completely on-brand, and will tie into the rest of your digital marketing channels. At the same time, we will devise a creative, bold video design that ensures you stand out from the crowd. Then, with the script and style agreed, we can start storyboarding. This enables us to visualise the key scenes in the video, before the animation process begins. To do this, we will use the voice-over to provide the ‘backbone’ of the animation, and determine the timings and tempo of the final video. Once all of these elements have been finished, each scene will be animated by our specialist team, with music and lifelike sound effects being added throughout. And that’s the project completed!

Of course, this process is tailored to each client, depending on their budget and timeframe. We offer a flexible service to all of our clients, in order to provide the best possible service for them, their brief and business. So, to find out more about our animated video production services, or to enlist OK Social’s animation team for your upcoming campaign, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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