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Even though you’re doing everything that you can to help them, it’s often difficult to get patients on board with healthcare services. It could be because they don’t understand the service or medication that you’re recommending, which puts them on edge. Or, if the required procedure is painful, they might need extra convincing that it’s in their best interest.

Equally, how many times have you had your patients get your recommendations mixed up? Countless, right? For patients, education is absolutely invaluable. The more that they know about your products and services, about different conditions, treatments and how your practice works, the better.

Not only does it significantly improve patient experience and satisfaction, but it also supports the day-to-day work of your team, and helps them to do their job better.But, obviously, you and your team are far too busy to be hosting regular information sessions for your patients.

So, that’s where healthcare animation videos come in. Healthcare animation services are precisely designed for the healthcare industry, and comprise a wide variety of sector-led animation initiatives.

These services can include, but aren’t limited to:

Lifestyle advice, such as healthy eating guides.

Service information, this could be an outline of all the services your practice offers, or a more focused breakdown of one specific service.

Treatment guides, such as an explanation of how antibiotics work, and how they need to be taken.

Promoting a new product, explaining its benefits to your customers.

Seasonal guides, such as advice about the flu and getting a flu jab.

Check in guidelines, which tell new patients where to check in and where to wait

Take-home support, which your patients can then watch at home, for further support.

For example, this could be used to support the treatment of sensitive or complicated issues.

Break down complex statistics or explanations, motion graphics are a brilliant way to make complicated information clear and digestible. They can also include a number of internal education aids, such as:

Staff training guides, to support training days or their learnings about a new topic.

Work experience aids, to support students that come in for shadowing or work experience, ensuring their safety and they get the most out of their time with you.

Explainer videos, such as for a new product or piece of equipment that you’ve introduced.

On boarding videos, for new starters, to help them understand more about your practice and how your team works.

As you can see, healthcare animation videos comprise a huge variety of potential use cases. And, after the initial investment, you can create a bank of extremely useful educational aids for both your patients and your staff. At OK Social, our specialist animation team has extensive experience working in the field of healthcare animation.

This animation niche is a key part of our offering and skillset, and we work with each of our clients to create a bespoke, elegant and succinct piece of content, which supports the specific operations of their practice. With the talents of our team behind you, you can create healthcare animation videos that hit all your chosen targets, and are precisely made to support you and your team.

Benefits of using animation in healthcare

Healthcare animation video services unlock numerous, unique opportunities for businesses in the sector. These include:

● Demonstrating the ingenuity and modernity of your business.

● Each video will continue to save you huge chunks of time, for many years to come.

● Boosting sales by promoting a new off-the-shelf product.

● Ensuring your patients are well-informed of important topics.

● Helping you to be responsive to new or seasonal issues, such as a flu outbreak.

● Delivering creativity and showing another, more personable side of your business.

● Improving patient experience, and helping them to feel supported and empowered, through this information.

● Supporting your patients through more complicated or challenging issues.

● Improving the results of your internal training, as video content has been proven to deliver better responses to learning amongst audiences.

Effective healthcare marketing animation services

Animation is an extremely versatile marketing medium, which can support healthcare communication strategies in a wide range of different ways. 

Be it a surgery wanting to increase patient awareness with a healthcare animation video, or a Personal Trainer looking to promote their services with a fun, stand-out healthcare marketing animation, these videos deliver key messages with clarity, precision and high engagement. 

At OK Social, our animation team works with healthcare providers to deliver three key types of animation. These ensure a best-fit piece of content, not only for each individual business, but for the specific intended use case of the video. 

  1. Healthcare awareness animation - Animated content that educates patients and audiences (who aren’t trained in healthcare) on health topics. These can include disease prevention, treatment options, aftercare, or at-home guides, depending on the specific requirements of the organisation. These health animation videos can be used to raise awareness, promote healthy behaviours and support the business’ staff, helping them to deliver more efficient and effective healthcare. 

  1. Healthcare education video - Multimedia content, which is designed to assist with the teaching of healthcare topics (for those who are trained in healthcare). These videos use the combination of animation, engaging visuals and audio elements to explain medical conditions, treatments and other best practices. This creates an engaging, memorable and readily understandable piece of content, which supports and enhances the rest of the teaching materials.  

  1. Healthcare marketing animation - This branch of animated content promotes healthcare products, services, or facilities, and markets them to the organisation’s target market in a clear and effective way. Through bold, succinct and intricately designed content, these health animation videos engage audiences, clearly illustrate the brand’s niche in the market, and build brand awareness for healthcare organisations.

What can healthcare animation services be used for?

These benefits can be attained for a wide variety of requirements within the healthcare sector. These include both the internal and external operations of private and public companies, healthcare providers, product suppliers, and so on. The healthcare clients that stand to benefit from creating their own healthcare animation videos include:

● Pharmacies

● Healthcare providers

    - Surgeries

    - Opticians

    - Dentists

    - Chiropodists

    - GPs

● Gyms and Personal Trainers

● Masseuses and Physiotherapists

● Pharmaceutical companies or suppliers

● Therapists or wellbeing charities

● At-home carers

Why work with a motion graphic studio specialist like OK Social?

OK Social is a professional motion design studio, we work with all of our clients on a close, one to one basis. Through this approach, our clients are able to influence every step of the creation process. The result? A completely bespoke piece of premium quality content, which delivers on all of the brand’s KPIs, and is firmly on brand throughout.

When you enlist OK Social to create an animation video, you will have access to our team’s wealth of industry-leading creative talent.

We offer a one-stop solution to your animation needs, with everything from voice-over talent to animators, and illustrators to scriptwriters all at your disposal.So, if you’re looking to create a stand-out healthcare explainer video to enhance your operations, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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