Bringing Pharma Innovations to Life with Animation.

Pharmaceutical animation video services involve the creation of bespoke animated videos, which are precisely designed to meet the specific needs of the pharmaceutical sector.

Pharmaceutical animation video services

As is true for any industry, when you enlist a specialist animation agency for your brand, an animator will work with you to create a completely bespoke animation. This video will be geared to fulfil all your KPIs for the content, and deliver the key message to your targeted audience in a clear, concise, memorable and engaging way. 

For pharmaceutical companies, creating video-based content (whether it’s for marketing purposes, customer communication, product tutorials or user guides) is inherently more complex

This is because the products and services of pharmaceutical companies are more challenging for customers to fully understand (especially if they don’t have a medical background). But, the very nature of their services means that ensuring patient understanding is also far more critical than it is for other companies (who aren’t providing products or services in a healthcare context). 

This is precisely where animation stands to offer invaluable advantages. Animation’s benefits are all down to the fact that animation is completely customisable, and that pharmaceutical animation video services are delivered by trained specialists. 

When pharmaceutical brands enlist an animator, they will then work with the brand on a close one-to-one basis. Together, they will develop a carefully crafted script, coupled with illustrated characters and settings, storytelling and audio - all of which unite to maximise audience engagement and understanding.

The benefits that animation unlocks for pharmaceutical brands include:  

  • Entertaining and memorable visuals
  • Clear and precise communication 
  • Greater audience engagement 
  • Maximised audience understanding 
  • Tailored messaging, ensuring all nuances of the topic are covered in a clear way 
  • Brand differentiation and strengthened brand identity 
  • Improved brand recognition and brand recall 
  • The ability to feature your new animation across all your brand’s digital channels

What’s more, the perks of pharmaceutical animation videos don’t end there - these videos also offer an impressive range of benefits for the viewers themselves. 

The benefits that animation provide for pharmaceutical consumers include: 

  • Creating engaging, entertaining and memorable content 
  • Providing a detailed, step-by-step explanation 
  • Furthering understanding with clear demonstrations, and visual representations of complex medical concepts 
  • Keeping medical explanations as clear and easy to follow as possible 
  • Ensuring these explanatory videos are accessible for all viewers 
  • Potentially including other useful interactive features (depending on the specific video)  

Importance of animation in pharmaceutical marketing

You might not immediately think that bold and colourful animations pair well with an industry like healthcare. But actually, healthcare is one of the industries that stands to gain the greatest advantages from creating animated content. 

Animation is increasingly being incorporated into pharmaceutical marketing campaigns, thanks to their long list of invaluable benefits. 

So, let’s delve into these advantages in a bit more detail. 

The top 8 benefits of including animation in pharmaceutical marketing are:

  1. Clarity - animated videos simplify complex pharmaceutical concepts, using a combination of bespoke audio and visual elements to make understanding far easier. 
  2. Engagement - animation captures the attention of audiences, even when they’re scrolling through social media platforms, or in busy public spaces. Their unique and entertaining visual style maximises viewers’ engagement with pharmaceutical content.
  3. Consistency - animated videos deliver pharmaceutical messages consistently, ensuring a clear and harmonious message across all your digital platforms.
  4. Branding - animated videos are extremely effective at promoting pharmaceutical brands. This is because they are inherently memorable, meaning they are renowned for boosting brand recognition, brand awareness and brand recall.  
  5. Training - even if you originally created the content for your consumers, animations can also be a great aid for staff training. For example, animations are widely used in pharmaceutical compliance training, to support staff safety and understanding.
  6. Cost-effectiveness - compared to live-action content (which represents the most conventional video marketing method), animated videos offer a far more affordable option for content creation. This is because all the visual renderings, characters, settings and demonstrations that you require can be created in one go, from one place - by your dedicated animation specialist. 
  7. Accessibility - animated videos are easily shared online, meaning you can quickly (and almost effortlessly!) unlock broader audience access. At the same time, an animation specialist will ensure that your video can be followed by audiences without a medical background, and support viewers with different disabilities, too. 

Differentiation - thanks to their charming and slightly more unconventional visual styles, animated videos help pharmaceutical brands to differentiate themselves in the market. By thinking outside the box with their marketing content, these brands can stand out from the crowd, for all the right reasons.

Our approach to pharmaceutical animation

At OK Social, we are a pharmaceutical animation studio, renowned for our tailored approach. We are committed to working with each brand on a close one-to-one basis, as we know that this is the best way to create precise, impactful content, which delivers on all their requirements. 

After all, successful animations are about far more than developing creative visuals. Every single piece of content needs to be as unique as a brand itself - a quality which needs to be reflected in the animation’s characters, storylines, tone of voice, script and audio. 

So, when we work with a new client, our approach to pharmaceutical animation videos involves: 

  • Identifying and understanding requirements - the process begins with meeting the clients. During this kick-off discussion, we ensure we fully understand the brand’s KPIs for the video, and what they need it to achieve. This includes determining their video’s use case, target audience and publish plans, alongside their brand identity and guidelines. 
  • Researching and writing - then, we will research the topic in depth, whilst working closely with the brand to ensure our team is communicating the topic clearly, and including all its nuances. This is key to achieving complete accuracy, and creating animations that are as informative and useful as possible. Then, we will use this research as the foundation for developing a precise, clear video script. 
  • Creating storyboards and animation designs - once the script is finalised, we start to create the video’s storyboards and bring the initial designs to life. Throughout all the key stages of animation, we continue to work closely with the client, ensuring they are kept up-to-date, and able to keep sharing feedback or requesting amends. 
  • Commencing animation production - one of the core advantages of animation is the wide variety of animation types that are available for healthcare brands. So, during the production phase, we will help the client to identify the best-fit animation style for their brand, before giving the characters and settings movement through their chosen medium. 
  • Adding sound - to complete the creation process, we add a voice-over and sound effects to the video, to unite all the animation’s individual elements. 
  • Completing feedback and revisions - feedback and revisions will take place throughout the above steps, and the process will conclude with a final feedback and revision session with the client. Then, once the final amends have taken place, we will deliver the animation to the client in their chosen format - ready to be shared. 

What can pharmaceutical animation be used for?

Pharmaceutical animation explainer videos are completely bespoke and extremely flexible pieces of content. As a result, they can be used across everything from marketing to training, and product demos to clinical trials. 

To give you an insight into their broad range of use cases, here are some of the most popular use cases for pharmaceutical animation videos: 

  1. Product explanation - demonstrating how the product or service functions, how it should be used by the patient, and the benefits that it offers.
  2. Disease awareness - educating audiences about different diseases, and explaining both their symptoms and treatments.
  3. Patient education - providing clear, easy to follow education to patients about important topics. This can include, for example, precise medication instructions, or an explanation of what is involved during a specific procedure.
  4. Training - animations can also be used to educate healthcare professionals. Pharmaceutical companies commonly create animations to inform professionals about new drugs and their use cases, for example. 
  5. Marketing - effectively promoting pharmaceutical products, ensuring maximum outreach and helping businesses to build a strong brand identity.
  6. Compliance - reinforcing regulatory adherence and ensuring best-practice, responsible practices across the entire industry.
  7. Clinical trials - allowing trial processes and results to be visualised far more readily, ensuring the understanding of all key stakeholders.
  8. Internal communication - animation can also be used to share updates within pharmaceutical companies themselves. This can include information about new product launches, internal safety training or a guide to compliance with new pharmaceutical regulations, for example.

Why work with a motion graphic studio specialist like OK Social?

OK Social is a 2D animation studio and pharmaceutical animation company, trusted by brands across the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors to create bespoke animated content. 

We specialise in the creation of precise, impactful and tailored pharmaceutical animation explainer videos, with a talented team of animation professionals on hand to help strengthen your branded communications. 

Our team has established a fantastic reputation across the pharmaceutical sector, being renowned for our close collaboration with our clients, and our ability to create animation that is not only bold and engaging, but maximises understanding through clear and precise messaging. It’s why we’re the chosen animation agency of Lloyds Direct and the NHS

To find out more about our pharmaceutical animation studio, or to discover how our services can support your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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