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We get social - it’s in our name and our DNA

Social Media Video Production in Kent, Working remotely across London and the UK.

We create and produce short animations in multiple formats and we’re able to turn these around in no time. Animation and motion graphics provide a big impact in Social. Using the right tools to reach your potential customers across the relevant social platforms, you’ll see an immediate response and uplift of visitors.

Social is the single fastest-growing area for clients, and fortunately we understand exactly what makes an effective social video post (as part of your overall marketing strategy). These days campaigns need to be conceived digital-first, largely consumed on mobile by people looking to watch snackable content, we are best placed to deliver the ideal animation which appeals to your target audience at a time that’s perfect for them to respond.

Animated GIFs

At OK Social, we’ve created animated GIFs for a range of brands and it's something we love doing! The most effective way for brands to get in on GIFs is to create their own. These can be branded, product-focused, animated, and more. These looping animations (sometimes called cinemagraphs) can be used across social media and as standalone pieces of content. Or they can be used in support of a broader marketing campaign to repeat marketing messages, or highlight products and deals. GIFs are often fast-turnaround projects, and we are well placed to meet the needs of the most demanding clients.

Multi-Channel Social

We deliver campaigns in 1:1, 16:9, 9:16 and everything in between. With our range of skills and visual mastery we can create cost-effective and high impact social video content for your brand. Clients often wish to re-purpose and re-format existing ad campaigns (TV ads) to work across every social channel, and there are some clever workarounds we’ve previously employed, which make this possible. However when creating a campaign from scratch it’s important to think digital-first or social-first.

There are a lot of social delivery platforms on offer including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat, plus many more. As an experienced social animation studio, we at OK Social have a deep understanding of the formats and screen ratios these platforms demand, and the type of content which engages individuals. We can design a social animated video from the ground-up to work across all the different specifications. All with a consistent quality and brand message, no matter the format. Get in touch to see how we can help with your next social video campaign.

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