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How startup animation explainer videos can drive high engagement while simplifying complex concepts

What are startup animation explainer videos?

Whatever industry they’re in or service they’re offering, the majority of startups face the same pain points. Before your business can boom, you have to overcome a number of age-old (but still absolutely critical) hurdles. These include getting eyes on your new business, holding your ground against the intense competition coming from established companies, and demonstrating how your offerings meet the needs and expectations of your target audience.For any startup, these represent some pretty major challenges. But, what if we told you that we have a solution that can cover all these bases, and more?

Startup animation explainer videos are an invaluable aid for startup businesses. In fact, this medium is perfectly designed to overcome the biggest pain points that startups face. If you’ve not heard of them before, this specialist video content type uses animation to create short, engaging videos. These are then used by startups to explain their product or service to their target audience, in a succinct, engaging and memorable way. Generally speaking, animated explainer videos are between 60 and 90 seconds long, and include bespoke animations, motion graphics, audio and voice overs. Through these elements, startup animation explainer videos communicate complex concepts clearly and succinctly. At the same time, its creative designed elements ensure that the video is firmly on brand (more on these benefits later).

Startup animation explainer videos can be used across a wide range of different use cases, including:

● Product or service demonstrations

● Adverts

● ‘How to’ user guides

● ‘About us’ personable company background story

● Snappy ‘elevator pitches’

● Website enhancements

● Social media content

● Wider marketing campaigns (including other avenues, such as email campaigns)

● Events

● Trade shows

● Pitches

What are the benefits of using animation explainer videos within your startup?

From the perspective of a young gun startup, animated explainer videos offer a huge range of impressive benefits. In fact, these are one of the most rewarding types of marketing content in existence. To give you a sense of what they have to offer your growing business, the benefits of investing in startup animation explainer videos include:

Making your message engaging and memorable - animated explainer videos boast an unparalleled degree of style, creativity and dynamism. These bold elements and vibrant designs ensure the videos not only stand out in the crowded marketplace, but that your audience will click on them, watch them through to the end, and actually remember them. In fact, video-based content on social media is more popular than text and image-based content combined. So, with a brand new, engaging animated explainer video in your arsenal, your startup can make yourselves unforgettable.

Simplifying complex concepts - as is often the case with startups (as they try and assert their niche in a crowded marketplace) they are offering a solution that overcomes current complexities or solves consumer pain points. While this solution may be long-awaited and extremely effective, it isn’t always easy for consumers to understand the value that it can offer them. Thanks to their combination of visual and audio elements, and their succinct, precise script, explainer videos deliver an extremely effective explanation of the startup’s product or service. And, by streamlining the process of customers understanding this value, these videos can dramatically boost the startup’s growth pace.

Effective communication - thanks to the combination of their clarity and exceptionally high engagement, explainer videos are a fantastic method of communicating with your audience. By aiding understanding, entertaining viewers and building a bold, youthful and innovative brand image, these videos tick all the communication boxes.

Increased conversion rates - as a result of their high engagement levels, succinct communication style and striking design, animated explainer videos have a naturally higher conversion rate than other types of content. Whether your KPI is boosting your outreach, attracting a target market, increasing product awareness or generating sales, startup animation explainer videos are well-equipped to deliver.

Brand building - as you work to build your brand new brand, this content can prove critical in helping you to develop your branding, and assert yourself in the market. Not only can startup animation explainer videos ensure your target audience learns about your new brand, but you can build this brand awareness, while also asserting your visionary thinking, modernity, creativity and eye for detail.

Shareability and virality - if we take social media as just one potential avenue, videos have been proven to generate a staggering 1200% more shares than both images and text-based content. Great animated videos are extremely shareable, across all types of platforms. This means they are well-poised to deliver the maximum possible ROI.

Versatility and accessibility - and the best part? You get all these benefits multiple times over. You don’t need to publish your brand new startup animation explainer video just once. On the contrary, a single animated video can be used across a number of different locations and platforms.

Captivating and engaging your audience


According to a recent survey of startups (conducted by Campaign Monitor), the biggest marketing challenges that were cited by startups, in order, were customer acquisition, increasing prospects or leads, increasing web traffic, and increasing social media following or engagement. These findings show that accessing - and retaining - new audiences is by far one of the biggest marketing challenges for startups.

As a startup, a solid marketing campaign that captures your audience as early as possible often proves pivotal. This is one of the key factors to determining how well the company flourishes in the months and years ahead. In fact, research demonstrates that the failure rate for startup businesses currently sits at 90%. And, of those startups that fail, a staggering 22% failed because they didn’t implement the correct marketing strategies.

When it comes to marketing, this is every startup's dilemma.But, as the newcomer to your market, how can you fight against algorithms, your competitors and short attention spans, to successfully capture your audience? Animated explainer videos offer a fantastic, original approach to producing content, which helps you get your startup on the way.And, whether it’s for boosting key branding metrics, or unlocking instant conversions for your top KPIs, this impressive content type can prove a critical asset towards capturing your audience early.

How does the animation process work for startup explainer videos?


At OK Social, we work with all of our clients on a bespoke,one-to-one basis. This ensures that the content we deliver is firmly on-brand,and is precisely designed to meet all of your KPIs. So, when a startup comes to us requesting the design of a brand new animation explainer video, we start the following process:

  1. Determine your main messages - firstly, we will identify the key messages that you want your viewers to take away from this video.
  2. Write the script - then, our team will work with you to craft a precise, clear and compelling script for your video.
  3. Develop your video’s aesthetic - the next step is designing the style of the animation, using a combination of your brand guidelines and our animator’s unique, bold approach.
  4. Storyboarding - once the style and content are confirmed, we can start the storyboarding process, to bring the video’s key scenes together.
  5. Record the voiceover and create the animation - finally, we can bring the video to life. Our animators will begin creating the video. Meanwhile, we will record the accompanying voiceover.
  6. Add the final touches - to complete the animation, we will add in sound effects and captions. These final details ensure a high quality and exceptionally immersive end result.

Why work with OK Social?


At OK Social, our team is renowned for their boldness,creativity and out-of-the-box approach to animation. As a modern explainer video company, we create videos that achieve both a striking design style, and all thespecific, high performance marketing KPIs that each client requires. If you think we’re just biased, it’s for these exact reasons why our services have been enlisted by some of the world’s biggest brands (noless). These include the likes of the Coca-Cola, Cycling World Championships, Ford and Deliveroo - as you can see, we’ve got a pretty diverse range under our belt.

So, if you’d like to find out more about any of our animation services, or how our animation explainer videos can be used to launch your startup, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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