Animations for the Financial Industry.

Animations for the Financial & Banking Sectors.

Explainer videos for the financial industry

When it comes to complex services, the financial industry takes the biscuit. But, that’s precisely why the medium of explainer videos can unlock such potential to businesses in this sector.

Explainer videos are - as their name suggests - videos that are designed to make complicated topics easier to understand. They achieve this by seamlessly combining visual and audio, with a simple, succinct script.

These bespoke, branded videos can be made to cover a huge range of topics, including:

● Explaining how your service works in context

● Announcing a new service

● Making an internal company announcement

● Creating a customer journey guide

● Enhancing in-house training

● Proving a brand message, such as your key differentiators

● Promoting your brand values, or your brand mission

● Explaining your brand’s ethical, charitable or sustainability initiatives

By investing in an animation explainer video, you can help your clients to better understand the services you offer, the value of your services, why they should choose you over your competitors, and how your process works.

At OK Social, we have extensive experience with financial services. We are animation experts in the financial industry, and have worked with numerous banking, financial and FinTech clients to create detailed, comprehensive videos. We work on a one-to-one basis with our clients, to create custom-made, on-brand content that delivers all of their KPIs.

Benefits of using animation in financial services

Animation and banking might not seem like the most obvious fit, but trust us, there are a lot of big benefits for financial companies to gain.

● Simplifying complex new services - financial animation videos will break down your services into accessible content. Through the combined use of audio and video, financial animation makes complicated topics engaging and clear.

● Promoting a new financial services product - a bespoke financial animation is a fantastic way to mark a new product launch. With their high engagement metrics and trendy, attractive layout, these animations are an invaluable aid to your marketing campaign.

● Highlighting the ease of your services to potential customers - by outlining what your services include and how you work with your clients, you can highlight the ease of your services to their full advantage.

● Help viewers remember key messages - according to Insivia, a viewer can retain 95% of a video’s message (compared to just 10% for the same content conveyed through text alone). So, you can also use financial animations to support key messages that you need to communicate. If you really want to get the word out there, custom video
content is one of the best ways to do it.

● Improve key brand metrics - in terms of content engagement, video content is more successful than image and text-based content, combined. So, an animated video for finance is ideally suited to bolster your brand image, brand reputation and brand recognition amongst your target audience.

● Stand out from your competitors - the creativity and inherent playfulness of financial animations are a sure-fire way to help your brand stand out from the crowd. With this dynamic content, you can show your customers the forward-thinking approach that makes your company unique.

Animation videos are exceptionally versatile. When you work with OK Social, you can choose the animation style, tone and video length - every element of the video is entirely up to you. We will work closely with you to ensure that we achieve the best fit for your specific goals and KPIs.

Animation video for the FinTech industry

Alongside our extensive experience in the banking industry, we have also worked with a wide variety of specialist FinTech clients. While the financial industry has been around for centuries, the FinTech sector is very much the younger cousin of this ever-evolving industry.

With their pioneering adoption of the world’s newest technologies, FinTech companies are challenging the standardisation of the industry. They are paving the way for new ground, and taking the financial world out of its comfort zone. So, as FinTech leaders look to establish their position in the industry, animated content can help them get there faster. Animated content not only ensures that key brand messages are understood by your targeted audience, but that they actually listen to them.

Even the most complicated company topics are communicated with clarity, in an engaging-yet- professional communication style, which is firmly on brand. Animation aids financial companies by helping them to deliver promotions, ensure their product outlines are as uncomplicated as possible, and make it clear that their services are for people of all backgrounds, and businesses of all sizes, industries, and outreach. Our experience in the financial sector will enable us to create a meticulously scripted video for FinTech, which is intuitively designed to attract your specific target market.

OK Social is a professional motion design studio, we craft financial animations for leading agencies and brands. We offer a wide range of animation services that, when utilised, will elegantly bridge the gap between your company and your clients.

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