How to leverage 2D medical animation in corporate video marketing

To understand all the impressive benefits that 2D medical animations have to offer, keep reading. Below, we have outlined how corporate businesses can successfully utilise 2D medical animation in their marketing, and reach out to their target audiences in more effective ways than ever before.

Written by Jack Last

For industries that provide complex services, or where internal training programmes are particularly advanced, animated videos unlock huge advantages. 

Not only do these videos offer all the usual benefits of animation - including high engagement, increased retention, memorability and strengthened brand identity - but they also ensure that everyone who interacts with your brand feels informed, supported and confident.  

These videos can be utilised across a huge range of contexts, from internal training to patient guides, and can be precisely tailored to fulfill all the requirements of your specific brand.

What is 2D medical animation and its significance in corporate video marketing?

2D medical animation encompasses all animated videos that are used within a medical context

This specialist type of animated content is precisely designed for the medical sector, to maximise the success of medical marketing investments.

This not only includes the full range of 2D animation styles and animations published on all digital marketing channels, but also medical animations spanning a huge variety of use cases.  

2D medical animation videos can be used to communicate topics including: 

  • Information for new site visitors
  • Visitor health and safety guides 
  • Useful information to share in patient waiting rooms 
  • Supporting key messages that your staff would find it beneficial to promote - such as, a guide to booking appointments
  • A safety message for the site - for example, asking patients not to attend the practice if they have tested positive for COVID-19 
  • Helping older patients to use new digital services 
  • Responding to seasonal developments - such as, creating a guide to flu prevention to share during the winter 
  • Informative guides for specific viruses or diseases that are spreading 
  • Directing patients to the different resources that are available to them - such as support groups, health lines, or online resources 

Whatever the topic covered, 2D medical animation videos are designed to explain a complicated topic clearly and succinctly. 

With these videos at their disposal, medical brands can improve their communication - both internally and externally - to provide more effective support for patients, and keep staff training clear and comprehensive. 

How can 2D medical animation enhance storytelling in corporate videos?

One of the greatest advantages that animation offers is its ability to enhance storytelling. 

Thanks to its combination of elegant, clean visuals with a carefully crafted voiceover, animation enables concepts to be communicated extremely clearly.  

A professional animation specialist will align these elements in a seamless way, which ensures that the topics are not only easier for audiences to understand, but remember too. 

In the context of medical animations, storytelling gives life to the topics covered. For instance, the use of engaging characters and relatable settings enables the audience to more effectively understand the content, and immediately see how it applies to their specific context. 

For example, our campaign with the NHS about improving clarity around contraception features characters of a wide range of ages and ethnicities, and settings included both warm home environments, and relaxed healthcare settings. 

2D medical animation can use storytelling to simplify complex medical concepts, procedures and products. The unique properties of animation mean these videos can communicate all medical scenarios effectively, be it for educational purposes, or building trust amongst your audience.

How to integrate 2D medical animation into corporate video marketing strategies?

Thanks to its inherent versatility and flexibility, animation is ideally suited to enhance any corporate video marketing campaign. Whether you’re looking to bring a burst of energy to your social media page, or increase the conversion rate on your website, a precisely engineered animation can work wonders. 

2D medical animation can be incorporated into a marketing strategy by following the process outlined below: 

  1. Identifying the key message and objective of the animated video - first, we determine what the key message and objective will be for the video. Then, we can identify where 2D animation can enhance or illustrate the points that need to be made.
  2. Collaborating with medical experts - by consulting with professionals in the field, we can ensure the complete accuracy of the information we’re including.
  3. Storyboard the animated video - this will enable us to plan the sequence of the video, and see how all of the individual elements will come together. At OK Social, we also heavily involve the client at this stage, to ensure all parties are completely aligned on the vision for the video (and that any changes can be made, without cost or delay). 
  4. Creating the visuals - a professional animation agency like OK Social will be able to complete all the steps above, while also building out the animation, too. Once the storyboard has been approved, our team will create all the visual elements, including, characters, settings and typography. Throughout the entire design process, we will ensure that all these elements align with the brand and the messaging required, while maximising audience engagement and viewer retention. 

What are some successful examples of using 2D medical animation in corporate video marketing?

To give you a sense of what these advantages look like in context, we’ve shared three examples of our favourite 2D medical animation projects. 

1. NHS - Clarity around contraception after pregnancy

This educational explainer animation video is designed to help add clarity around the types of contraception available after childbirth. 

We worked with the NHS to create a succinct film, which would provide clear and reliable information about contraception after childbirth, and communicate this critical (yet less widely-understood) topic to their audiences.

2. Lloyds Direct - Explaining how to order medicine for others

Lloyds Pharmacy came to us to create an animation that would help inform, persuade, and engage their target audience about the key benefits that their service offers. 

The LloydsDirect feature allows patients to manage medicine on behalf of their friends, family and loved ones. 

What made this video a success was its clear consistency and alignment with the well-known LloydsDirect brand, and its ability to engage its broad audience (across all ages, genders and geographic locations).  

3. UCI - Understanding the symptoms of a concussion

The UCI team came to us with a very clear problem - they needed help to bring more clarity around the impact of concussions caused by cycling accidents, and the correct procedure for their treatment. 

So, we created an engaging animation that showcased the steps to take during the event of a cycling accident. This clearly and succinctly informed both staff and cyclists about the risks of concussion, and how to spot the symptoms. As a result, this 2D medical animation can be used by UCI to help create more educated teams, and ensure the highest health and safety standards are in place.


In the medical sector, animations are one of the most effective ways to enhance your corporate video marketing strategies. 

These videos deliver the best of both worlds - bold, memorable and brand-aligned content, which is extremely clear, easy-to-follow and effortless to understand. 

What’s more, whether you are looking to improve your on-site health and safety or support your team’s disease-awareness efforts, the versatility of animation ensures a best-fit solution that engages your exact target audience, and achieves all your specific KPIs. 

Why work with an animation agency like OK Social?

OK Social is a motion design studio, trusted by some of the UK’s most renowned businesses to create bold, succinct and powerful corporate video marketing content. 

We are the chosen animation agency of the NHS, UCI and Lloyds Pharmacy, to name a few. 

These business giants depend on our talented team to provide impactful videos that align with their existing branding, while designing stand-out pieces of content, which deliver real results. 

Plus, thanks to our extensive experience working with medical brands, we are well-equipped to devise succinct and informative pieces of content, which convey even the most complex topics with precision and clarity. 

So, to find out more about any of our corporate video marketing services, or to enlist our team to create a 2D medical animation for your brand, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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