We’re a motion graphics agency
operating across London

Specialising in 2D Animation, we craft bespoke motion graphics for London’s leading agencies and brands.

From our Kent base, we provide a remote motion design agency service to top-end clients throughout London. We can work with you to create custom adverts, social content, explainer videos, product videos, and motion graphics design, which are on-brand and unlock impressive engagement metrics.

Motion Graphic Design Agency in London.

OK Social is a London-based agency, consisting of a talented team of motion graphic design specialists. Our designers work directly with clients, in order to create completely bespoke motion graphics and animations.

This content is specially tailored to recreate the unique style, voice and identity of the brand, and can be adapted to feature across all their online marketing platforms, while delivering all their specific KPIs. We work with some of the UK’s leading agencies and top brands, including the likes of Ford, the BBC, Graze and Deliveroo. From our Kent base, we deliver bold, dynamic, stylish and firmly on-trend content, which stands out in a crowded market. Alongside our characteristic creativity, we are also renowned for our personable service. By using a firmly one-to-one approach, our clients have the opportunity to share their vision, goals and strategy, and work with us to bring it to life.

After the initial meeting, our London motion graphics agency team manages the entire creative process - we have the equipment, skills and experience to conduct concept creation, scriptwriting, animation, sound design and everything in between. With such extensive experience under our belts, we know precisely how to create content that engages with current trends, taps into your target market, and successfully increases brand awareness, brand recognition, and your overall engagement.

Why Motion Graphics?

Motion graphic design unlocks major benefits for a brand’s digital presence. For instance, did you know that website consumers have an average attention span of just 8 seconds?

This is precisely what makes motion graphics so valuable. By transforming plain text into highly designed video content, your message is made infinitely more eye-catching and engaging. Alongside this, the expanding digital marketplace means brands have to work harder than ever to retain their audience’s loyalty. When 60% of the interactions that consumers have with a brand are digital, these first impressions count - you need to do something special, in order to convince people that your brand is the one worth buying from.

Plus, thanks to the diversity and creativity that motion graphics permits, you can use this content to clearly illustrate who you are as a brand. You can demonstrate your energy, USP, principles, motivations, and showcase your own unique niche. Digital marketing strategies have never been so critical, or had so much opportunity for success.

With the help of our motion design agency in London, brands can unlock the full power of the digital advertising revolution, with tailored content that achieves stand-out marketing stats. We can work with you to unlock higher website traffic, reduce your bounce rate, and build a stronger brand presence amongst your target market.

Motion Graphics Agency London.

OK Social is a London motion graphics agency with its finger firmly on the pulse. We’re ‘down’ with all the current digital marketing trends, and know exactly how to utilise them.

Our team will work with you to devise content that sells with elegance - achieving real results, without having to resort to outdated pushy or blunt sales strategies. Instead, we specialise in playful and dynamic motion graphic design, which communicates messages with clarity, in an engaging style.

Whether you need to communicate a new product launch or a product user tutorial, motion graphics will elevate your digital presence and boost your marketing efforts. With the help of our London motion graphics agency, you can share bespoke, completely unique branded videos, which deliver in the ways that really matter.

Our Process and workflow.

Over our years working in the industry, we’ve perfected our motion graphic design process. This simple process is the best way to deliver outstanding stylised content, to an efficient timescale. We also know that communication plays a pivotal role in ensuring the project runs smoothly throughout. So, throughout the entire process, our team will always keep you in-the-know.


Outline & Brief.

Our first step will be to create a solid and straightforward brief, which makes your strategy, vision and purpose crystal clear. In our opinion, the best kinds of briefs contain: a quick overview of the campaign’s background and objectives, a short brand statement, the key challenges to resolve, the target audience, the main competitors, the brand’s values and marketing positioning and, finally, the digital channels we’ll be using.


Script & Style.

Then, the outline of the animation’s events will be created. From our Motion Graphics Agency in London, we’ll start creating the video’s key elements, including audio (the script, dialogue recordings, sound effects, and music), and designing a visual style, based on the brand guidelines. The design and illustration pros in our team will set to work on character design, illustrations, colour palettes, typography, and icons. Essentially, this step is all about creating ahigh-level animation framework.


Design & Storyboarding.

At this stage, we’ll present you with a visual representation of the script. You can use this document - and liaise with the our London motion design agency team throughout - to experience the look, feel and narrative arc of the video. At this stage, you can make any requested amendments and then, once the green light is given, the fun really starts.


Animation & Production.

After you’ve granted approval for the script and storyboard, we’ll start bringing the designs to life. From our Motion Graphics Agency in London, the team will build up all the required images and elements, enhancing their design and giving them movement. As you can imagine, it is a process which requires immense attention to detail.


Audio Mix & Delivery.

The talents of our London motion design agency team don’t stop there - we also complete the full process of creating and editing the sound mix, background music, and sound effects, all inhouse. During this production phase, the overall ‘vibe’ of the video will be achieved by adding the right tone and style of music, to enhance the content message, and boost engagement even further. Finally, once the synchronised animation is completed, we’ll send it over to you for feedback and give you the chance to request any final revisions.

What makes us different?

With such a wealth of creative skill in our team, we saw an opportunity to create truly thumb- stopping content. Our London motion graphics agency takes immense pride in the bold, knock-out design of our animations and motion graphics. When they work with us, brands discover the exceptional engagement metrics that video content can achieve.

We had the ambition to build a motion graphics agency, with clients across London and beyond, which bridges the communication gap between brands and their clients. After working with us, brands see a surge in their digital performance metrics. And, the memorable design leaves a strong impression amongst audiences - engaging viewers in the immediate, and building a loyal consumer base in the long-term.

Our Services.

We help bring your ideas to life using engaging animations created by our enthusiastic team at OK Social. We offer a wide range of services within the wonderful world of animation. Then we collaborate with your team to help illuminate your story, enhance your brief, and amplify your message. Here are some of the core services that we have to offer…